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In A Nutshell


In a nutshell

Have you ever wondered whether consumer research via mobile device is a good idea for your business? If you are an intrepid research explorer who doesn’t mind learning about the methodology while learning what the consumers think, mobile qualitative is for you!  If you want a methodology with a list of best practices you can go to, you’ll have to wait a few years. A great way to try out mobile qualitative is to use it as a brief first phase (e.g. homework) in your next qualitative study.

Kristin Schwitzer of Beacon Research and Dana Slaughter of Slaughter Branding gave an information-packed QRCA sponsored webinar on mobile qualitative research in 2012.

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Innovation Alert



In the latest consumer up-sell from P&G, Tide is now available in PODS. Instead of consumers buying a bottle of Tide to wash up to 64 loads for $14.99, now they can buy an intriguing clear bowl package with 66 individual multi-benefit PODS for $17.99.

It makes me wonder… Will these PODS increase Tide’s profitability by charging more per load OR reduce profitability by limiting the amount of product used for  each load of laundry? Tell me what you think…