Briggs & Stratton Corporation

Briggs & Stratton Corporation


Briggs & Stratton engineers developed the technology to pump more water at higher pressure out of a homeowner’s regular garden hose, but the company was not sure how to optimize the business potential of the innovation with consumers.


Brenner Brand Marketing was hired to conduct focus groups with homeowners to gain feedback on product positioning concepts and product configuration models.


Michele Brenner designed, conducted, analyzed and reported on the research, providing valuable insights to refine the product positioning and design.


The Amplifi® Garden Hose Powering and Storage System is now distributed nationally by several retailers.  The insights gained through the research conducted by Brenner Brand Marketing helped Briggs & Stratton turn a new technology into a viable finished product that homeowners use for a wide variety of outdoor cleaning tasks.

The Amplifi Garden Hose Powering and Storage System


“Michele is organized, intelligent and professional.  She has helped to deliver insights that we continue to use well after the studies were done.”
[Director, Category Development, Briggs & Stratton Corp.]