Elmer’s Products

Elmer’s Products


CraftBond® wanted to contemporize its design and differentiate products in the line more clearly from each other.


Brenner Brand Marketing was hired to learn from craft consumers what was important to them when choosing craft supplies at shelf and get their feedback to several potential new packaging designs for Elmer’s CraftBond®.


Michele Brenner designed and conducted a qualitative research study including shop-a-longs and one-on-one interviews with craft consumers.


Consumer insights from the study helped choose and refine the final new Elmer’s CraftBond® packaging design.  The new design meets the original objectives of contemporizing the packaging and differentiating the products within the brand, while also providing inspirational imagery that gives crafters new ideas about how they can use each product.

New Packaging Graphics

Elmers Craft Bond Glue 1

Former Packaging Graphics

Elmers Craft Bond Glue 2


“Michele has consistently done a terrific job for us.  I find her insight and understanding to be invaluable in translating consumer learning into actionable business direction.”

[Former SVP Marketing, Elmer’s Products, Inc.]